Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finding Cheap Pet Insurance

Protect Your Animals with Pet Insurance

Since the dawn of time, humans have kept animals as their faithful companions. They domesticate and breed certain species to help them with their daily activities. Nowadays, people acquire pets for their emotional benefits. Aside from keeping us company, various studies showed that having furry companions could be useful to the overall well-being of people.

A pet, be it a dog or a cat, is said to help the sick recover faster from their condition. Some hospitals, medical institutions, and nursing homes even keep animals to help their patients get through the stressful stages of their lives. A pet could also help children to be more responsible, that is why some psychologist urge parents to have their youngster keep animal companions.

A life with a pet, however, is not always a bed of roses. Despite giving them all the love and care in the world, there are certain things that could happen to them that we could not control. Animals are living beings, after all, and they are also prone to sickness and injuries. Sometimes, it is the other way around. They could inflict pain and trauma to their owners and other people as well.

To prevent such incidents, some owners provide pet insurance for their animal companions. In the event that Fido or Kitty suddenly gets sick but its master could not spare cash for a visit to the veterinarian, a cheap pet insurance policy could help cover the cost of any medical expenses. Some people, however, frown upon such a practice. They consider pet care insurance impractical and an extra financial burden. But they did not realize that it could be useful in the long run.

Types of Pet Insurance

There are two major types of pet insurance. The first and the most common one is the policy that provides funds for ordinary pet care. This could help cover expenses acquired from bringing your beloved pet companion to the vet for check-ups, hospitalization, medication, and other medical procedures such as X-ray examinations, surgeries, and neutering. Such a policy could insure that your pets would receive the best medical care possible.

Some policies also provide reimbursement in the event that your pets got lost. In case that your missing furry companions have been found, there are insurers who help shoulder the reward for individuals who had recovered your beloved pets. They also provide funds in the event that your dog or your cat encountered an accident.

The second major type of pet insurance is called “pet liability insurance.” Owners of large dogs usually avail of such a policy to protect themselves or other people from being attacked by their pets. It helps cover the expenses incurred from treatment of dog bites. Pet liability insurance is also applicable to smaller animals such as cats or toy dogs. Despite of their diminutive appearances, they could still cause harm and even serious injuries because of their sharp claws and pointed teeth.

To avoid trouble when filing for insurance claims in the future, you should carefully read and study related documents before having your pets insured. It would be best for you to be aware of what is covered and what is not. In addition, it would not hurt to look for other companies that offer cheap pet insurance for your beloved animals to compare prices before making your decision.